Oak Grove Baptist Church is a congregation of mission-minded believers.  We believe that our local community is our primary mission field.  We have a food pantry and clothes closet within our church.  Our church supports many local ministries both monetarily and through member volunteers.  Our Women on Missions and Kids in Action work on these missions weekly and as needed.

God commanded us in His Word to go into every nation teaching and preaching.  Through the Southern Baptist Cooperative Program, Oak Grove Baptist Church gives a percentage of our undesignated receipts in support of Georgia Baptist and Southern Baptist missions and ministries.  This gift supports missions across the state of Georgia, the United States and Internationally.

In addition to giving our time and money to missions and mission projects, we are committed to teaching and learning more about missions.  Throughout our various services and ministries we strive to gain a better understanding of and find more opportunities for missions.

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